established in 1999

It all started back in 1999. I had always had a keen eye for photography and enjoyed it as a hobby until one day a friend of mine told me she was getting married. Having seen my work she asked me if I would consider shooting her wedding. Never having done it I was reluctant to take on such a huge responsibility but she convinced me that she had faith in me.  

I shot that wedding on film (before digital was prevalent) and when I had the rolls developed I put the best ones in a photo album and brought them over to their house. I was very nervous. I am always my own worst critic and I was afraid they might not like what I had done. I put the album on the coffee table and they dove into it. I held my breath.

They were overjoyed and told me that I needed to do this for a living. 

I upgraded my camera to a Nikon and set out on  a path that would forever change my life. I was a tile installer at the time and that funded the fledgling business until I was booking enough weddings to support myself. That was a great day.

In 2004 my cousin told me he was getting married. I got excited and reminded him that I was a professional hoping he would hire me, but alas he had already hired one, but he said he didn't have video. I had purchased a decent video camera a couple years earlier and had always toyed with the idea of breaking into wedding videos. 

This was my chance.

So I readily agreed to shoot it. After the long editing process was finished I brought a DVD over to his house and again held my breath. The family went nuts. They loved my linear documentary approach that was clean and fun. This was a game changer. 

In 2005 I met a wedding photographer named Billy who became my mentor in photography. He had decades of experience that I didn't and taught me more than any school could have.  I had shown him a few of my wedding videos and he loved them. We decided to  team up. I did video and he did photography and we were booking around 80 weddings a year! it was awesome. On days that we didn't book video I would either shoot alongside him or we would book seperate weddings.

In 2009 things literally came to a crashing halt. I had a bad motorcycle accident and had broken my femur. I had a metal rod in my leg and wouldn't be able to walk very well for a year let alone run and get the shots at a wedding.  Then Billy had a brilliant idea.

He told me that he knew a guy that was a wedding DJ and he would be willing to help me get started. I knew I could do it cause it was a sit down job and I had my 19 year old son to help me set everything up at the events. I knew I had the voice for it, and all I needed was the confidence which I got with experience.  I contacted a Baptist church in Virginia and long story short got ordained as an Associate Pastor. My ministry is weddings and I create custom services fit to the couple.  

Fast forward to today! My leg long since healed  and now I combine almost two decades of experience into a  specialized wedding service second to none.  Just call me the Rockin Rev! I can be your Minister and your DJ at the reception where I will rock the night with NO TIME LIMIT EVER! How cool is that?

With Crystal Sound and Magic it is all about choices, and all about the girl in white!