What we do!


Wedding and Event DJ!


On location sound for your music, musicians, and guest speakers. You pick the songs and leave everything else to me.  Includes some really nice classical selections up to an hour before the ceremony while everyone is being seated. There is NEVER a time limit meaning if you want to go longer than the contracted time we will as long as the venue will allow it. 

The Music Sets The Tone......

  • No Time Limit! (Ever) Even If it goes all night long!!!
  • Simple and affordable $200.00 per hour rate.
  • You pick the songs you want in your playlist and I will pick even more based on your  taste.
  • Always CLEAN versions of songs!
  • Complete respect of your NO PLAY LIST!
  • Unlimited Party Games (Bride / Groom Trivia, The Newlywed Game (Shoe Game)  etc. 
  • We work hand in hand with you and your vendors to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • State of the art dance floor lighting to give you a club-like feel without being overpowering.
    Wedding Insurance - I am an ordained minister and as such when you hire us we can be at the ready in case God forbid your Wedding Officiant does not show up. (accident, illness traffic delays etc.) Your day will go on no matter what! (See Below!)

Wedding Officiant


 It has been said that when words fail...music speaks. Anyone that has truly been in love can tell you that music often times says things that words cannot express. 

     Your wedding should be no different.

     When I first meet my couples I often point out that this is a wedding not a funeral and so it should be first and foremost fun. (I have seen so many weddings where the wedding minister was dry as toast and the ceremony a cookie-cutter clone of every other wedding with [insert names here].) The reality in this modern society is that there is absolutely no reason why your wedding should be traditional unless YOU want it to be. It is my belief that it should be unique and define you in much the same way the first dance song does. 

I am an ordained Baptist Minister with a REAL church and not some internet website "Officiant".

 I, however, believe in freedom of choice and feel that your wedding should be your way and NEVER boring or run of the mill!



We take lots and lots of pictures from the Get Ready to the Last Dance and everything in between. Everything is edited and you get  your pictures within 10 days! You can choose an hourly rate or combine with DJ for our exclusive we want it all package.  Photography does not include Rehearsal and rehearsal Dinner coverage, Bridals, Engagements or Photo Album.  If you would like services call for pricing.